charcoal on vellum


 TA large multi-disciplinary installation, tailor made for Galerie Pangee…(TRANS) FORMATIONS is a unique and carefully prepared invitation into the world of spiritual exploration… a deep and tonifying journey through the enigmatic narrative that is the ‘transmigration of the soul’. Not meant as a theoretical/metaphysical treatise on the theories of reincarnation, these works are simply polished to reflect how with these ideas, a lens was shaped through which I could view the world in my attempts to make sense of the hubris of the day to day, and in doing so, rise above entanglements authored by the double-bind of life and death.  This wide angle vision of life aids in transcending our ingrained social identities, thus allowing a pivotal testing of deeply entrenched social realities. The disparate elements and materials of this show dance in constant dialogue with each other, a play of repeated visual cross-references. This game, in both its creation and interpretation, nurtures the recalling and development of one’s personal narrative/myth through a weave of historically established (archetypal) symbols, and images bubbling up from a visual logic and design of my own, allowing for a compelling study of puzzle-like layers of reality.
 (TRANS) FORMATIONS opens the door to an expanded line of questions pertaining to the exploration of oneself as a ‘spiritual’ being. I hope that such inquiry would invite and renew a greater sense of responsibility towards life in the broadest sense.

© 2005-2011 Jason Botkin All Rights Reserved. The end is near, and it's all your fault. The person you were before tells the tale of towers. A great silence says hello.