The Galerie Pangee is pleased to invite you to LAST MINUTE, the second solo exhibition by Jason Botkin’s following the success of [TRANS]FORMATIONS in 2008. LAST MINUTE is an installation of large-scale figurative paintings. This exhibition coincides with the Montreal-wide Extreme Painting exhibition, which showcases new, aggressive, take-no-prisoners art
that will fill 16 galleries this summer.  Marking a notable move from earlier charcoal on vellum works, while at the same time breaking from the geometric predictability of the square/rectangular canvas, the images of LAST MINUTE are cut from plywood like giant paper dolls, scattered throughout the space in a play of composition, the walls themselves becoming a canvas. Figures turn inside out, dressed in their emperor’s finest; bodies unwrapped to explore inner worlds, emotions, and ideas; vapors and clouds permeate architectural structures of unknown purpose; buildings chart impossible perspectives, cities in chaos; geometric forms emerge from and are swallowed by the imagined inner workings of internal landscapes.  These various elements form a tapestry of self divined utopias and personal myths. These offerings are made with the belief that change is possible, when we reinterpret our ingrained social identities and then test deeply entrenched, and often flawed social realities.

© 2005-2011 Jason Botkin All Rights Reserved. The end is near, and it's all your fault. The person you were before tells the tale of towers. A great silence says hello.