EN MASSE PROJECT The EN MASSE project was created by Tim Barnard and myself in 2009, at the Galerie Pangée (Montreal). It represents a truly staggering body of work, featuring the participation of 250+ artists internationally. Its definition is simple: A multi-artist collaborative drawing project that explores the creation of highly spontaneous, large-scale collaborative black and white drawings and public installations. EN MASSE brings together a diverse range of artists, who strive to reach a wide audience with accessible ideas and techniques, ranging from illustration, comic, graffiti, street art, and tattoo cultures. From 2009 until 2013, the initiative absorbed the vast majority of my time and resources as an artist, in order to see it take successfully to it’s own feet. To date, with continued growth and popularity, it remains an extremely important aspect of my personal practice (while containing a metric ton of my own drawing/painting, not reflected on this site). I’m deeply interested in how art can creatively impinge on the world, inspiring change while calling us to personal action. EN MASSE is in itself a powerful political and sociological tool, without ever having to wave a flag to convey it’s extremely valuable and timely message. As an exclusively collaborative activity, the project explores what happens when we work together, forging new and ever-expanding communities while discovering the power of shared creativity. This act of creating something larger than any one of us could do on our own, is designed to support creative involvement through cooperation, not compromise; celebrating different viewpoints as strengths, not weaknesses While community organization and activation were never tools I would have expected to learn and use as a young artist, I’m extremely grateful for the way they have shaped my life and practice, and the opportunity work closely with and learn directly from so many incredible artists and others engaged in creating, participating in, and supporting our shared creative landscape. Please head over to the EN MASSE website for a complete listing of artists and projects.


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