"Figures turn inside out, dressed in their emperor’s finest; bodies unwrapped to explore inner worlds, emotions, and ideas; vapors and clouds permeate architectural structures of unknown purpose; buildings chart impossible perspectives, cities in chaos; geometric forms emerge from and are swallowed by the imagined inner workings of internal landscapes.


These various elements form a tapestry of self divined utopias and personal myths; offerings made with the belief that unconventional art inspires others to think in radically different ways, stimulating a greater awareness of relevant cultural, environmental, sociological, and political issues"




 A graduate from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1997 (with honors), Botkin has been involved in the creation of over 200 murals internationally since 2009, while exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe. His body of work includes the co-creation and ongoing direction of the EN MASSE project; a multi-artist, collaborative drawing project that explores the creation of highly spontaneous, large-scale collaborative black and white drawings and public installations. The project’s mandate is designed to explore what happens when artists from diverse forms work together, and begin to shape and build new and ever-expanding communities, collective vision, shared creativity, and the forging of powerful alliances through the act of creating something larger than any one of us could accomplish by ourselves.

© 2005-2011 Jason Botkin All Rights Reserved. The end is near, and it's all your fault. The person you were before tells the tale of towers. A great silence says hello.